CEO Perspective: Achieving Smart, Fast Growth

BGIN Chair and WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad sat down with Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, to hear his incredible growth story and how they're using OKRs to accelerate growth.

Workday's OKR Journey

High growth companies like Workday behave differently and take full advantage of internal growth levers to drive smart, fast growth. SVP of Business Innovation Lisa Faucher discussed why Workday is using OKRs to sustain their 40% annual revenue growth rate, how they’re going about it and what they’ve learned.

Aligning for Growth

Camellia Ngo, Chief People Officer at Malwarebytes, shares the company's experience and approach to using OKRs to sustain their high growth at increasing scale.

A Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

While “Measure What Matters” is very effective at communicating why OKRs are valuable in driving smart, fast growth, it falls short on how to implement them and achieve their benefits. This best practices guide shows how mature enterprises use OKRs to smartly leverage their resources on growth.

Attitude, Alignment, and Accountability

These 5 takeaways from the June 5th BGIN meeting with Lisa Faucher, SVP of Business Innovation at Workday, and attendees from 30 other companies, can help you drive smart, fast growth.

A Framework for Driving Sustainable Growth Advantage

For members only. Use this framework to benchmark growth friction today and create an actionable path to improve your organization’s organic growth rate.

Choosing an OKR Solution: Criteria and Checklist

For members only. Your choice of solution partner will set the pace for not only your success with the OKR methodology but your ability to drive smart, fast growth.

Sample OKRs

Measure what really matters with OKRs aligned and localized across the organization.

Smart Fast Growth is the One Thing

Learn how successful companies are using OKRs and results platforms to create a sustainable growth advantage.

Enterprise Best Practices

There are a number of best practices for enterprises that weren’t born with a startup’s measurement mindset and don’t have Google’s supply of capital.

“The growth conversation and information were excellent – and actionable.”

Rob Gillespie, Chief Financial Officer, GHX