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Strategic Choices: The Bedrock of Alignment and Accountability

Wednesday, November 20th 3-6pm
Location: Denver, CO

Deciding what you're not going to do is essential to real alignment, and accountability is fundamentally how you allocate time week to week. Smart companies and cultures have the courage to make hard alignment decisions and have the data and wisdom to optimize their time on those decisions. Hear how GHX uses its OKR process to drive progressively better strategic choices, inspire deeper alignment and empower accountability across its org.


  • Leadership courage to align on fewer, more valuable results
  • Using growth impact as a litmus test for decisions
  • Data driven leadership behaviors that scale organizations
  • Getting more value from OKRs quarter over quarter


Tina Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer at GHX
Tina will talk about the importance of strategic choices in driving growth at mature tech companies. Her ability to drive meaningful change and alignment across diverse stakeholders has provided the strategic foundation for GHX’s continued growth.

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