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CEO Perspective: Achieving Smart, Fast Growth

Thursday, September 12th 3-6pm
Location: Menlo Park, CA


  • First principles for smart, fast growth
  • Data-driven leadership
  • Iterating on strategic priorities in super dynamic markets
  • Gaining results alignment across the organization
  • Using OKRs to drive results speed at scale

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Marcin Kleczynski, CEO at Malwarebytes
Marcin will share his first principles on achieving fast growth and the power of a measurement mindset. In 7 years, the company went from 0 to $150M in revenue, fixed 250 million user computers and prevented over 5 billion threats — it's impressive growth speed and market impact.

Camellia Ngo, Chief People Officer at Malwarebytes
Camellia Ngo will share Malwarebytes' experience and approach to using OKRs to sustain their high growth at increasing scale.

Prior Events

Internal Growth Levers:
Attitude, Alignment and Accountability

Wednesday, June 5th
Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, CA


  • Smart, fast growth defined
  • Causes of growth drag
  • Assessing alignment and accountability
  • Framing strategic priorities
  • Rolling out OKRs at speed and scale

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Lisa Faucher, SVP Business Innovation at Workday
High growth companies behave differently and take full advantage of internal growth levers to drive smart, fast growth. Workday is one of the most valued public companies because of its impressive growth, averaging close to 40% annual revenue growth for the past 5 years. Lisa discusses why they’re using OKRs to sustain that growth rate into the next stage, how they’re going about it and what they’ve learned.

Deidre Paknad, CEO at WorkBoard; Chair, BGIN
Deidre provides a framework for driving sustainable growth advantage that you can use to benchmark growth friction today and create an actionable path to improve your organization’s organic growth rate.

Leading Fast, Smart Growth

September 13, 2018
M12 Reactor Microsoft - San Francisco, CA

In this special CEO event, a panel of experienced CEOs offered deep insights on driving smart growth and using OKRs to align outcomes. Special guest and legendary investor Mike Maples, Jr. of Floodgate shared the pivotal factors that helped 66 of 41,000 startups achieve $1B outcomes since 2000.


Mike Maples, Jr., Partner, Floodgate
Erik Huddleston, President, Cision
Mark Organ, Founder and Chairman, Influitive