Results Speed at Scale
New Management Models to Drive Smart Growth

Emily Bruzzone, Business Innovation Office at Workday
Emily shared how Workday is driving its next impressive growth stage using OKRs to define, align and measure progress on strategic priorities.

Erik Huddleston, President at Cision
Erik spoke about scaling yourself as a leader by aligning and leading for outcomes rather than output and the growth consequences when you don't.

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Meeting Agenda

Whether you're a large enterprise or a growing startup, you need to drive smart, fast growth — but it gets harder as you get bigger. See how Workday and Cision are taking alignment and accountability to the next level to get more fuel to their growth engines.

Meeting topics included:

  • How to get start-up speed at enterprise scale
  • Why managing fast is essential to growing fast
  • Using OKRs to rapidly iterate, align and measure strategic priorities
  • Identifying and eliminating internal growth drag

“I enjoyed the network of OKR focused leaders and their impact on teams, orgs, and companies.”

Michael Tkachuk, Chief of Staff, WW Business Operations, McAfee

The Mission of the Network

The Business & Growth Innovation Network (BGIN) is a thought leadership forum for P&L owners, COOs, business excellence executives and chiefs of staff that are serious about driving smart, fast growth. This invitation-only network shares insight and expertise in intimate meetings, retreats, videos and papers. The BGIN agenda covers growth velocity, cultivating a high-growth org dynamic, growth tactics like OKRs, results alignment, accountability mindsets, and empowering people to deliver their best. BGIN meetings and content are focused on the business dynamics, the hard questions and answers found by network members.

BGIN supporters include founding sponsor WorkBoard.