From Silicon Valley to Enterprise Healthcare
A Conversation on Impactful OKR Programs

Tina Murphy - Chief Revenue Officer at GHX
Tina will talk about how GHX has pioneered fast, data-driven strategic decision-making and operationalized this with an OKR process to drive continued growth at a mature health-tech company. Tina’s ability to drive alignment on the growth plan has been foundational to GHX’s continued growth in year 20.

Deidre Paknad - CEO at WorkBoard; Chair, BGIN
Deidre will share a framework for driving smart, fast growth — one that has catalyzed WorkBoard to one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growth companies with 300% growth for 2+ years, while ensuring cutting-edge efficiency. This “smart growth” is the foundation of a sustainable growth advantage that persists in any market cycle.

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Meeting Agenda

Deciding what you're not going to do is essential to real alignment, and accountability is fundamentally how you allocate time week to week. Smart companies and cultures have the courage to make hard alignment decisions and have the data and wisdom to optimize their time on those decisions. Hear how GHX uses its OKR process to drive progressively better strategic choices, inspire deeper alignment and empower accountability across its org.

Meeting topics will include:

  • Leadership courage to align on fewer, more valuable results
  • Using growth impact as a litmus test for decisions
  • Data driven leadership behaviors that scale organizations
  • Getting more value from OKRs quarter over quarter

The meeting will be followed by a cocktail reception.

“I enjoyed the network of OKR focused leaders and their impact on teams, orgs, and companies.”

Michael Tkachuk, Chief of Staff, WW Business Operations, McAfee

The Mission of the Network

The Business & Growth Innovation Network (BGIN) is a thought leadership forum for P&L owners, COOs, business excellence executives and chiefs of staff that are serious about driving smart, fast growth. This invitation-only network shares insight and expertise in intimate meetings, retreats, videos and papers. The BGIN agenda covers growth velocity, cultivating a high-growth org dynamic, growth tactics like OKRs, results alignment, accountability mindsets, and empowering people to deliver their best. BGIN meetings and content are focused on the business dynamics, the hard questions and answers found by network members.

BGIN supporters include founding sponsor WorkBoard.