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BGIN is a forum for P&L owners, business innovation executives and chiefs of staff to exchange insights on driving smart, fast growth.

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Recent Event

CEO Perspective: Achieving Smart, Fast Growth

Thursday, September 12th 3-6pm
Location: Menlo Park, CA


  • First principles for smart, fast growth
  • Data-driven leadership
  • Iterating on strategic priorities in super dynamic markets
  • Gaining results alignment across the organization
  • Using OKRs to drive results speed at scale

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Marcin Kleczynski, CEO at Malwarebytes
Marcin will share his first principles on achieving fast growth and the power of a measurement mindset. In 7 years, the company went from 0 to $150M in revenue, fixed 250 million user computers and prevented over 5 billion threats — it's impressive growth speed and market impact.

Camellia Ngo, Chief People Officer at Malwarebytes
Camellia Ngo will share Malwarebytes' experience and approach to using OKRs to sustain their high growth at increasing scale.

“I enjoyed the network of OKR focused leaders and their impact on teams, orgs, and companies.”

Michael Tkachuk, Chief of Staff, WW Business Operations, McAfee